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激力公司自成立以來,一直致力在提升自動化的智能應用,所規劃的系統設備,不但能滿足客戶的作業需求,設備操作簡易好上手,系統規劃週全,品質穩定, 提高生產效益。從單一工站、跨製程的連結到整體產線,都可依客戶的佈局規劃,分階段規劃建立。

Equipping the robot with eyes and a brain, Performance S Corp. now makes the automation smarter. 

For years, the application of robot has been done on a pre-set moving path, following the fixed programmed orders. Nevertheless, we are now making some change by introducing from Europe some well-known 3D vision systems, Photoneo and PICKIT.  

For those materials randomly placed inside the bin/basket, the advanced vision systems first SEE through the 3D scanner for the placement, RATE and CHOOSE the target material, CALCULATE with the advance algorithm for the best in/out moving path, ACTIVATE the robot to complete the bin-picking.   

Performances S Corp. has been devoting to not only building a reliable machine, but also brining the automation to the next level. Our service range includes building one single machine, integrating cross-process work block, and designing and completing a whole production line. We seek to build a long term partnership with our customers and suppliers.